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Check how much your PulseChain Airdrop is worth

What is the PulseChain Airdrop?

On 13. May 2023, PulseChain forked Ethereum, including its system-state. This means that everyone who owned any ERC20 coins on Ethereum at that date, received a free copy of that coin on PulseChain.

What if I have my coins on a CEX?

If you store your crypto on a Centralized Exchange, you don't actually own your coins. The exchange does. Not your keys, not your crypto. Without the private keys, you cannot do anything with the airdropped coins.

You can contact the exchange directly and ask them to distribute the airdrop to you. However, it's up to them to decide whether to pass it on to their users.

How much is my Airdrop worth?

Paste your Ethereum address into the input above and find out! You can also type in any ENS domain, for example "Mati.eth"

Technically all of the airdropped coins were worthless at the moment they got airdropped. In the beginning, there was no liquidity and your airdrop was worth $0.00 at the moment you received it. Because of this, you might not have to pay taxes on it in your jurisdiction.

How can I sell my Airdropped coins?

The best way to trade coins on PulseChain is