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❤️💛💚💙 POLL: Which PulseChain lady represents us in the next big Main Event fight?
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#PulseChain $HEX Only 2X Left? AltSeason is Over -
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This is my $PLS early entry point and the Pulsechain Bridge is not working for me!!!!😡😡😡
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Let’s do it @cryptomanran I lose, I market buy 100k worth of #Solana You lose, you market buy 100k worth of #Pulsechain 😂🤣😂
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Won day people will realize $HEX as a solution to the inflation problem + debasement of our nationalized currencies. I am not the market but I can see the future. RH emulated the best aspects of #Bitcoin and brought them to a better blockchain in #Ethereum and now #PulseChain. Metcalfe's Law and by extension Reed's Law will take hold because of the great need for passive income in a world that is starved for yield. These four steps outline the plan in cryptic detail. 1) How to live as ghosts...
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Want $Hex and #Pulsechain to pump?? Stop supporting sacrifices. The only sacrifices I supported were @RichardHeartWin sacs. Because I knew his track record (founder of 10,000X coin), knew his intellect and knew he didn't need my money.
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🚨 BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT ✅ Just had an amazing discussion with my friends at @LunarCrush and they said they’ll be adding #PulseChain to their website very, very soon! 😊😉 More mainstream allies helping PulseChain! Thank you LunarCrush! Make sure to follow them! $HEX #HEX
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JUST IN: @Forbes recently made $INC visible Last month Forbes Digital Assets began showing almost all RH tickers, except for the #IncentiveToken on #PulseChain. That changed today Still not fully listed yet, but they finally allowed the fifth and final RH token to appear on their website as well. Seems like Forbes is closely watching the PulseChain ecosystem Next step will probably include full support for all Richard Heart coins $HEX
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These new banners on @dexscreener are cool but $PLS $PLSX $HEX $INC don't have them. Can we please get the coolest banners for them sorted asap please. Cheers! #PulseChain
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The only chart that matters. It's not $WPLS vs USD. Why does it matter? Because it matter to GIANT bag holders de-risking, and the bridged in funds defending. Where are the big dumpers bridging their money to? Now ladies & gents, what chart is this? #PulseChain #Ethereum
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Just so the haters and the doubters know...I will never stop promoting what I love the most — the 1st mover in ReaL DeFi 👉 $HEX I love #PulseChain $INC and $PLSX...but none of that would exist without #HEX Every bag holder in #crypto begs to have people like me, with the reputation I've earned over years of doing what I do on twitter...who would shill their bags as hard as I do (bull and bear) and have the insane level of conviction and faith that I have in seeing become the global leader in...
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It all started with HEX 🔥 🔥 🔥 Remember, Pulse was created for HEX Don’t underestimate HEX Don’t underestimate @RichardHeartWin 🎩 $HEX #HEX #PulseChain
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🚨NEW LAUNCH PAD COMING TO #PULSECHAIN! 🚨 📺🎙️@CryptoCoffee369 recently had on Sir Jolley (@vajolleratzii) to talk about @Pulse_Launch! 📝Watch the video to learn more. 👇 🌐 Link to their website: Whitepaper: 🎥 Marketing team: Telegram channel:
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🚨FIAT ONRAMP UPDATE🚨 We now have > 7,500 customers accessing #PulseChain via our platform. Payment rails made for
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Who would win in a mud wrestling match, KatieeP or Hviid? #PulseChain
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Who hits $100 Million MC first? $BEAR 🧸 or $pTGC 👽 Honestly idc I own both Things are going to get crazy We still on the runway 🛫 #PulseChain
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We launched Bridge Buddy 65 days ago, We have helped 3,788 new wallets get started on the #PulseChain by dropping them PLS to start transacting when they bridge over PulseBridge. - Help get $28,656,814 transacting on chain - Saved users $123,110 in ETH gas fees
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Remember that time that some random dude online clearly and concisely explained exactly how and why $HEX is a scam? Oh…wait. 🙄 You don’t remember…? 🤔 #HEX #PulseChain
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$HEX can make the best and the worst performance in one cycle 👀 Are you ready for $5? #PulseChain
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100s of projects that all seem interesting on pulsechain, what are yalls top 5 for this bullrun?! Here are mine: $PLS $PDAI $BEAR $ALIEN $PLSP
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Teddy Bear is EVERYWHERE 👀 There is no escaping the #1 #memecoin on #PulseChain, potentially #1 across every blockchain at the tip of the bull cycle 🔥 Found this giant $BEAR at the mall here in Thailand, also I won a stuffed Teddy $BEAR for a friend on Bangla Road 🐻
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This is one way to think about how money flows in #crypto #PulseChain #HEX and #PulseX are new altcoins with the most potential for the biggest gains
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#PulseChain & #Hex Community tune into @CryptoCoffee369’s stream at 4pm EST where I will be talking all things in the ecosystem🔥🚀 Watch it here:
HEX Alerts
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#PulseChain Payout per T-shares 6.74 $HEX (0.1 USD)
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Here are 5 Millionaire maker crypto coins with 10-100X potential: - GT Protocol - Pulsechain - Pulsex - Hex on Pulsechain - ⁠Manta Network Are you DCAing these coins? Let me know in the comments! 🤔
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In a shocking twist of events, GOFURS on Ethereum has overtaken GOFURS on PulseChain in price
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@coreycosta123 @growondata @LunarCrush You onboarded BitBoy back to us, now this. You are bringing eyeballs to #PulseChain in a positive way. Thank you sir! 🙏
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El miedo y la duda son los mayores enemigos del éxito. En cuanto a $HEX, $PLS y $PLSX, deja que tu fe en su potencial sea mayor que tu miedo a lo desconocido. #HEX #PulseChain #PulseX
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New inventions come and go but what will never lose its product market fit is people's necessity to keep their money safe/make more. Censorship resistant, globally accessible systems that don't discriminate based on gender, color, origin are the future. #HEX #PulseChain #PulseX
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Want To Find All The #Twitter #Spaces? 👉 Search for "filter:spaces" Add another keyword to filter more 👉 Search for "filter:spaces nft" #Pulsechain $PLS $HEX
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🚨🚨The Official #PulseLaunch Fair Launch🚨🚨 🗓️Mark your calendars! We're thrilled to announce that the official #PulseLaunch Fair Launch is set for March 2nd. Get ready to be part of the first and only community governed #LaunchPad on #PulseChain offering rev share to holders! The #PulseChain Community has been wildly supportive and we have many partnerships to announce, soon! Save the Date: March 2nd!
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$PTP found its home. #Pulsechain is where we build. #PulseTrailerPark is here to stay. $PLS, $PLSX, $INC, $HEX
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#Ethereum #Solana #AVAX #Polygon Bois- if you’re not positioning yourself to get more of the thing you like then idk what to tell you. This one’s a no-brainer. Get in early. Buy low sell high, right? Now’s the time. Would be hilarious if my grandma’s little PulseChain bag made her richer than most of you.
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OPPORTUNITY 😅 But really, I truly believe #PulseChain #PulseX & #HEX are the biggest opportunities in crypto rn 🤑 If you're here for the long run these prices are a steal 💰 I want generational wealth and I think the RH ecosystem will get me there 🫡 Follow @Hexologist31 🥼
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El miedo y la duda son los mayores enemigos del éxito. En cuanto a $HEX, $PLS y $PLSX, deja que tu fe en su potencial sea mayor que tu miedo a lo desconocido. #HEX #PulseChain #PulseX
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#Bitcoin #HEX #Solana #Cardano #Polkadot #Kaspa #BNB $ETH #DeFi
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Remind yourself if you've forgotten what @RichardHeartWin is all #HEX #PulseChain #RichardHeart #DeFi
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Look what $TIME wicked to! $.02124! Congratulations, $TIME holders! #Pulsechain $PLS #Hex #PLSX $Hex
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@cryptomanran you need help getting started on pulsechain?
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I’m not holding crypto to “make friends” I’m holding crypto to change my life. Don’t get distracted by the nonsense. We already have the gems. $PLS $PLSX $HEX $INC Don’t even waste your time with these people. If they ain’t talking Pulsechain, let em kick rocks.
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@T1T4NX1 Lmfoa. $titanx is basically being rugged and all that money is going to pulsechain and $hex. $dragonx is also battling without any new miners.
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Rod is right 🙏 The perfect way to start in $HEX is
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@tickerBITCOINbb Just buy #HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu on #PulseChain
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Total Marketcap for #PulsePot @JPulsepot It's probably nothing. $PLSP $PLS $PLSX $HEX #Pulsechain #100xGem
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Pulsechain is a snapshot of the #Ethereum System State enhanced on a new network. The financial opportunity you've been waiting for for years is now here! #PulseChain #Cryptocurency #PLS $HEX $PLS $PLSX $INC
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#HEXicans are built this way. We are unbreakable. $HEX #PulseChain #RichardHeart
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Seems like we have a NEW GUILD member coming soon 🔥🚀 @coach_X4 #pTGC #Pulselorian Different Galaxies, but same goal. Grow #PulseChain 🤝🏻 Meet: REP - Reptilian very soon! Formal announcement on the way… Hang tight, as we are still fine tuning final details 💪🏻 @Pulseformer1 @PLS_Armorer @bigbearcrypto
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I respect @BenArmstrongsX!!! Big shots, bro! Proud of you, you got guts. #PulseChain #BitBoy
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I'd never tell you to get off me like that @AltcoinDailyio
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As @ElonMusk said, SEC are extortionist thugs who deserve no respect Real DeFi #PulseChain solves this, Join Team WIN lolz
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Thanks to the $COM - #Communis users, more than 3k $pHEX stakes were saved by good accounting them via Communis on #Pulsechain <3 the $HEX + $COM fusion #SWPN idea Get ~15% cashback in COM for staking HEX for 5555 days at