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2d ago|18,915
This morning I woke up to find that all my INC, PLSX, and PLS had been drained from my crypto wallet. I’m 18, and have been buying only the RH ecosystem for three years now. I lost $25,000, everything I had ever worked for. Below are three security mistakes that I made…
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2d ago|13,952
We've had a great pump on #PulseChain these past few weeks. The rsi on the daily is over-bought, so we could cool off until the 26th, but let's still end the month with a green candle! PLS
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11h ago|11,467
I'm killing it on #SOLANA........ But I still think #PULSECHAIN FLIPS #SOLANA.
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21h ago|11,314
10.3b PLS just sold for 508k DAI
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2d ago|10,117
@DonaldJTrumpJr supports @RichardHeartWin and his fight against the corrupt SEC. Patriots are fighting on all fronts! Even in Crypto, we have been fighting for PulseChain and the Right To Free Speech! Haven’t heard about our story? Maybe it’s time you learn! But don’t just take it from me, hear it from @yourfriendSOMMI himself! 🫡
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1d ago|9837
BREAKING 🚨: Mt.GOX creditors are buying #PulseChain ! #Bitcoin
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1d ago|8251
Exploring #PulseChain ecosystem. Shill me your favorite meme coins. I’m buying. PLS HEX PLSX INC
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1d ago|7799
What is one token/coin you are buying outside #Pulsechain? For me it is Toncoin. $TON
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19h ago|6991
Richard Heart is literally telling you how the book is played. INC PLSX PLS HEX
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2d ago|6757
Welp, I guess 9MM's site can't claim 100% uptime anymore. #PulseChain
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1d ago|6076
Did you get TRICKED in the last year by GRIFTERS and "FOUNDERS" to give them your hard earned #Pulsechain? I hope not!
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1d ago|5493
🔫 Ready to lock and load with 9mm Pro? 🔫 Join our DeFi revolution with innovative protocols, epic rewards, and a passionate community! 🚀 💥 Earn tokens 💥 Participate in quests 💥 Shape the future of decentralized finance Dive in now at #9mmPro #PulseChain BASE #Ethereum #Solana
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20h ago|5069
The people on Pulsechain who say "buy only RH things" is a curse to this chain. Imagine SOL without memes. Imagine ETH without any of the dapps. Imagine Pulsechain where the only the only token tradable is INC and PLSX Hell yeah, sounds very bullish 🤡
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9h ago|4299
If you're not holding pDAI, #TEDDYBEAR, pTGC, or UFO on #PulseChain, you're missing major gains and the whole point of the game! 💯
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1d ago|4048
HEX is a sleeper this cycle. Most people have written it off because it’s a 2nd cycle coin. Yes, it is, but it’s much more rare than you think. Not only are coins staked for 5+ years, but during the #PulseChain and #PulseX sacs, a ton of the supply went to the OA…effectively burned.
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6h ago|3706
When people ask why I invest in #Pulsechain & believe in @RichardHeartWin I remind them of this clip. This answer hits hard af. PLS PLSX INC HEX Never forget the reason we're all here.
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9h ago|3374
Imagine if Richard ever uses AI in crypto. I like all 5 RH tickers on PulseChain.
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1d ago|2949
❤️💛💚💙 PulseChain update: This is the true PulseChain chart: Its PLS/ETH ratio. 🎯 PLS is down -75% from 3yrs ago Sacrifice, so it needs to rally 4x to break-even here 🎯 PLS is down -91% from 15 months ago launch, so it needs to rally 11x to break-even here Right now, PLS is very cheap. Basically, PLS must rally 4x higher, or we have still lost an enormous amount of ETH from over 3 years ago. Everyone who buys between here and 4x higher, is still getting a much better price than Belie...
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11h ago|2944
Promoting #Pulsechain as: "The People's Chain" / non-VC chain / something similar is WAY better than promoting it as a cheaper and faster Ethereum, do you agree? 🤔
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6h ago|2883
Yo @RichardHeartWin, I ain’t sell a DAMN thing 😎 I know what’s up. 😈 PLS PLSX HEX INC 🚀 Still adding 💰
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1d ago|2704
This next phase is the one our community has been waiting for, Lock the fuck in. #PulseChain #PulseX INC and HEX are your tickets to life changing wealth.
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11h ago|2692
With the Mt Gox #Bitcoin coming out soon wouldn't it be great to have a working V2 farm on #Pulsex to farm some INC with your WBTC? #PulseChain @Richardheartwin
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2d ago|2633
Cool new #PulseChain website to bookmark - 🚀
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15h ago|2359
Why I will never shut up about the RH ecosystem - It's got: The best products. The best community. The best founder. The best marketing. The best drama. Up and to the right. The bull market is gonna crush all the bears and haters. #MCGA HEX #PulseChain #PulseX INC
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17h ago|2051
i can confirm the average pulsechain cultist is far less intelligent than any other shit coin cultist. @0xpulsewhale thinks he’s exposing the tang gang while posting about meme coins, while every single asset his messiah has ever put on a blockchain is down 99% against ethereum. you lot are absolutely helpless.
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22h ago|1923
@ScottiePippen PulseChain
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2d ago|1903
Potential Cup n Handle formation on the PLSX / PLS chart.. #PulseChain
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5h ago|1807
The #tanggang grifting the #pulsechain community to BASE is not the first time they’ve tried. The lead grifter and retard @orangegooey told people to buy $xch and they got absolutely rekt. Stop getting scammed by these broke losers.
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HEX Alerts
8h ago|1757
#PulseChain #HexShareRate updated 1 HEX = 28,211,052 shares 1 T-Share = 35,447.1 HEX (222 USD)
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11h ago|1686
I don't want to hear any bitching when I start to #HEXFlex again HEX PLS PLSX
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10h ago|1440
A PLS pullback to the.382 fibonacci level would be super BULLISH. But I'd take a pullback to the .618 too. We would be lucky to catch the #Pulsechain price under .00004 ever again. Probably not happening imo.
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13h ago|1439
In 5 years time do you think it matters if you bought PLS at 0.00003, 0.00004 or 0.00005 Nope, just keep stacking them core coins while you can🤞🏽#PulseChain
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1d ago|1385
I believe being early and going all in on #PulseChain will be one of the best investments of my Life.
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5h ago|1384
Richard Heart is using the same lawyers Elon Musk once used. Elon just changed his profile picture to laser eyes. Could be that they know something about the market we don’t Definitely looks like the PulseChain case is about to get dismissed or won in court
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2d ago|1319
💙💚💛❤️ Communis COM is Slingshot Leverage on HEX. It’s up 142% in 36 days. As thin as a meme coin… Can get it on PulseChain
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22h ago|1108
It’s cheap as shit right now to bridge over if anyone needs/wants to. $1.09 to send usdc from Coinbase to MM. and then $2 to bridge to pulsechain and that’s it! #ETHtoPLS #gwei #savedatmoney