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Missed out on Ethereum?
PulseChain is only 1 year old!
PulseChain is a new open-source, layer-1 blockchain that emerged as a direct response to the limitations of Ethereum. It's faster, cheaper and more scalable.
Negligible gas fees
PulseChain re-enables priced out use cases. Gas costs cents instead of dollars.
PulseChain has more throughput than Ethereum. Transactions get confirmed 17% faster.
Easy to use
Your MetaMask wallet just works, no need to learn anything new. You only have to change a single network setting to start using PulseChain.
PulseChain has flawless 100% uptime since launch. The network is extremely reliable, has never been down and cannot be paused. Looking at you, Solana.
More than 800,000 community members are constantly growing PulseChain's ecosystem. Many have built their own on-chain projects: Stablecoins, RWAs, fiat on-ramps, Decentralized Exchanges, NFTs, Memecoins... you name it.
PulseChain elevates every use case
Every smart contract that works on Ethereum also works on PulseChain. From simple peer-to-peer transfers to complex contracts for asset issuance, exchange, lending, derivatives... everything works efficiently and reliably.
Super low fees, transaction confirmations in 5 seconds, interoperable with Ethereum, with every single smart contract copied over.
From auctions to perpetual royalties coded right into NFTs, PulseChain supports all of Ethereum's features that millions of users already love.
PulseChain is a bigger, faster, more scalable and cost-effective Metaverse, built as a robust base layer to support tomorrow's Web3 games.
PulseChain is a highly efficient decentralized smart contract platform. Built for the scale of global finance, with near-instant transactional finality.
Designed for the future needs of the crypto industry, PulseChain fixes all of Ethereum's shortcomings. It's a brand new blockchain. It's by far the largest airdrop in history. PulseChain is changing the crypto space as we know it.
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